The first race of 2016:’s Brixton 10k


Having started the year’s running off with Brockwell park run on my birthday, keeping it local and making Brixton 10k my first race of the year seemed too perfect an opportunity to miss.


£14 affiliated runners, £16 unaffiliated runners


The usual fuss-free good organisation you’d expect from a event. Enter online, pick up your number on the day and drop your back off in a grand total of 5 mins tops. The start point changed slightly due to the muddy park but this was very clearly communicated – you couldn’t really miss it.



As a Brixton local I’m very familiar with the inclines of Brockwell Park, but being on home turf didn’t really help me much here. Having not really looked at the route properly I factored in doing the same hill three times… But it wasn’t until I started that I realised the three laps also incorporated another hill! Oops.
Given that I’d just about managed to dip under the hour mark for a 10k in December, I thought managing under an hour on a fairly challenging route would be a sign I was doing well.
Unfortunately it wasn’t to be – by hill 6 I had slowed down a fair bit – so I ended up with a time of 1:00:35. All in all it was a challenging but enjoyable 10k. Guess I will have to try again in June!



As someone who lives in Brixton and has been to more gigs at the Academy than I can count, I absolutely LOVED the medal. I was a bit confused by the ‘Brxiton Academy’ typo but overheard someone say it was for copyright reasons… Either way, still a cool medal.


Good organisation and a great challenge to kick start the year!



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