2016 Classics Challenge, March: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

jane eyre

When I discovered this classic

A long time ago… But for some reason I hadn’t read it.

Why I chose to read it

See above! The 2016 Classics Challenge has provided the perfect opportunity to tackle the classics I’d somehow never managed to read and Jane Eyre was one of the books at the top of the to-read list.

What makes it a classic?

Mr Rochester, mad Mrs Rochester in the attic… It’s such a classic most people know the story even if they haven’t read it.

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What I thought of this classic

This book is so much more than the love story of Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester – although that in itself is pretty brilliant.

I may have come to this a little late, but Jane Eyre has to be one of my favourite protagonists of all the books I’ve ever read. She deals with all the crap that comes her way without feeling sorry for herself, and refuses to allow the men in her life to tell her what to do.

While Jane is brilliant, the story is gripping and the first person narrative is wonderfully engaging.

All in all, I absolutely loved it.

Will it stay a classic?


Who I’d recommend it to

2016 classics challenge, #2016classicschallenge



  1. cindyfazzi · March 29, 2016

    I love Jane Eyre!


  2. runningprincess78 · March 30, 2016

    A great choice. Loving your challenge!


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