RunThrough Brixton 10k: 10k with an extra 14k on the end…

imag0112As I stepped up marathon training, I decided to make the Brixton 10k part of a 15 mile long run. Had it been any other race I potentially would have just left it, but this would be my last chance to run this race while I lived in Brixton – and probably the last time I’d live this close to any start line!

As this is only a week and a bit after the event, I’ll go back to my normal race review format…

COST: £14 affiliated in advance, £16 unaffiliated in advance, £20 on the day

TOILETS: No dedicated loos, but a few toilets close by within Brockwell Park.

PRE-RACE ORGANISATION: I had been ill the week before so had taken a while to decide whether I’d actually do the race, but mid-week saw there was no imminent danger of selling out. Unfortunately when I went to enter online 24 hours before entries were already closed. I thought a £6 price hike was little harsh but it was still quick and easy to sort out numbers on the day. There was even one RunThrough member speaking Spanish for one race tourist! Everything was all quite painless and once I had my number I was able to have a quick jog round the park until start time.


THE RACE: Described as ‘undulating’, they’re not kidding. Each lap of this 3-lap race features two fairly hefty inclines, which makes it a tougher test than your usual 10k.

Given the hills and the fact this race featured just six of the 15 miles I’d be running that morning, I wasn’t fussed about time. My plan was just to keep a steady, comfortable pace so I had enough energy to carry on afterwards. Perhaps it was my relaxed approach, perhaps it was the pleasant weather (bright but not too hot) or perhaps it was the always-excellent RunThrough marshals, but I had a thoroughly enjoyable run.

I’ve always found the RunThrough marshals to be pretty cheery, and this time was no exception. One marshal was draped across two seats pointing a foam hand to ensure runners didn’t go the wrong way. Someone else, possibly the race director, was running up and down the route cheering everyone on. Sometimes you see marshals looking increasingly bored on lapped races, but everyone was just as enthusiastic on the third lap as they were on the first.

On the final lap I was feeling good, managing to keep a decent pace up the final hill and overtake a few people in the process. On the final corner I started to overtake a couple running together – the guy shouted something to his running partner along the lines of “don’t let her get past” and we all sprinted to the line. I think it ended up as a photo finish – a fun way to end the race! I had a flapjack, topped up on water, then ran off to Dulwich to complete my long run.

RACE BLING: Great Brixton Academy medal accompanied by a tasty flapjack.

OVERALL VERDICT: I was a little miffed at the on-the-day price hike, but that soon disappeared once I arrived at Brockwell Park. You really can’t go wrong with a RunThrough event; solid organisation, great marshals and decent race bling. Brixton 10k offers a bit of a tough course but at least you really earn that flapjack!


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