Clapham Common 10k: A 10k and a little bit extra…

imag0150After having a lot of fun incorporating the Brixton 10k into a 15 mile run a fortnight ago, I thought I’d repeat the same tactic for my longest run ahead of the Yorkshire Marathon. Obviously I wouldn’t be racing round the 10k, but I figured it would help push me for 6 of my 20 miles! It was also my last chance to do the Clapham 10k while I was still living a runnable distance away.


£16 affiliated, £18 unaffiliated (in advance)


The usual efficiency from! I couldn’t miss the race number collection area, and after arriving had my race pack within about 30 seconds. With rain predicted, they also had tarpaulin to cover the bags.



As with Brixton 10k, we had park toilets nearby.


After running from Brixton to Clapham, I picked up my number then did a loop of the Common to get a few miles under my belt before the race. 3.5 miles into my day and the race kicked off.

The first kilometre was a little congested, but things soon thinned out and we were on our way.
Another 3 lap course from RunThrough, the Clapham 10k loops back on itself, with the band stand the central point. The band stand is probably the best bit, as Clapham Common itself isn’t very inspiring! This does mean you see the same marshals a few times, and I’m always impressed by their ability to maintain enthusiasm levels.

The second lap of the course is probably being the worst, as (if you’re me) you’re getting lapped with a fair bit of time to go. Although on the third lap you are painfully aware that if you’re being overtaken it’s because you’re slowing down!

For me this race was a tough one. Not because of the course itself – it’s very flat – but I just wasn’t running well. I’ve been struggling to get rid of a cold for over a month now, and was feeling the effects all the way. Struggling to breathe through my nose, my chest also felt tight, so the whole thing felt a lot harder than it should have done really. While during the Brixton 10k I was enjoying taking it easy and had plenty left in the tank for the rest of my run, here I was just very conscious that I had another 10 miles to go so couldn’t really enjoy it. After crossing the line I grabbed my flapjack and headed off to finish my run, which was a rather slow struggle in the end.



Nice medal featuring Clapham bandstand. This is was particularly nice given that the bandstand was such a central focus of the race itself.


I think this was probably the first time I’d found a RunThrough lapped route a bit dull, but that’s partly because I don’t find running around Clapham Common particularly inspiring at the best of times. It didn’t also help that I was feeling rather miserable, physically struggling and painfully aware that I would only be halfway through my run when I crossed the finish his finish line. But I can’t blame RunThrough for that. Another well organised race with great marshals, with the added bonus of being flat!



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